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SUBJECT A8, NEWT. (the glue) As a leader, subject has gained the support of those around him. He has formed a close relationship with Subject A2. He is respected among the other boys, exhibiting power and influence. As second in command, leadership skills are improving. Exhibits patience and befriends others with ease. Potential to grow into position of respected authority among subjects.

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i regret nothing

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I’m sorry. [x]

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we could try renaming romeo and juliet “mercutio laughing at all these goddamn straight people” and see if anyone notices

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If you ever think you did something embarrassing just remember that I had a really hot waiter one time and i was gonna order double pepperoni pizza but I looked him dead in the eye and accidentally asked for double penetration pizza in front of my whole family

Stop reblogging my failure

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#everyone is all over hiddleston for this scene but can we appreciate how great evans was at imitating his mannerisms?

Evans was so good that we forgot it wasn’t Hiddleston playing Loki pretending to be Steve.

The entire scene is magnificent

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Made this in an exercise of ‘Actually start something and then finish it, God dammit’.

reblogging for the 15 people who followed me based solely on this

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